Angkringan Aneh

Angkringan Aneh


延床面積 | 75㎡

用途 | 仮設飲食店、アート作品

設計 | kousou, Jakarta

施工 | Roots Lab


Highlighting the importance of ordinary public spaces

Accessible, inclusive and affordable public spaces turn a collection of buildings and roads into a town. They are a vital necessity and human right. In a time of increasing gentrification and constantly changing trends it is important to recognize these spaces and make sure they not only survive but thrive. The humble angkringan is such a space that deserves our attention. Angkringan is a place in many parts of Indonesia (usually defined by a simple tent or a roof) where people gather to socialize and have street food together. It is a simple and efficient space. Vendors from street carts sell different delicacies while people gather around low tables. It is a place where no matter who you are or where you’re from, you can enjoy good food with office mates, beside a relaxing student and his mom, or across an old lady getting sate in her pajamas. Simple though, this design without a designer creates a space for diverse group of people to interact and socialize.

In 2023, we were invited to design a space for the food court at ARCH ID, Indonesia’s most prestigious architecture exhibition. We wanted to highlight the importance of the angkringan as a vital public space and component of Jakarta’s urban fabric. We were not attempting to reinvent it or improve on it – it is one of those pieces of design that evolved organically with many generations of unknown designers refining and fine-tuning it to perfection. What we wanted to attempt is to playfully, and respectfully pay homage to it and all such important architectures, while experimenting with building materials, techniques and functionalities in the spirit of ARCH ID.