延床面積 | 85㎡
用途 | 飲食店
設計 | kousou, Jakarta
施工 | Room Studio



The first image which comes to mind when one mentions an ice cream shop is rather quaint. A romantic gelateria on a small cobbled street, a colorful tent atop an ornate door. Yet when our clients explained what they imagine their shop should be like, different images sprung to mind. Minimalist spaces of stainless steel defined by clean edges, brought to life by their favorite hip-hop music, and people indulging their sweet tooth with delicious ice cream – more ATMOS sneaker store and less Ben and Jerry’s. They have grown up in the west coast of the US and wanted to imbue the spaces they were creating in Indonesia with the atmosphere they loved.

The location they had chosen for their Bali store was a commercial space with curious proportion. It resembled a cube with sides measuring roughly 7 meters. The space was connected to the town via a large opening, which blurred the boundary between inside and out.

The height of the space suggested a possibility for a second level, while the large façade opening allowed a smooth visual and functional transition between the street and the interior.
We proposed a seemingly floating mezzanine above a large bar where the special preparation of ice cream and the interaction between visitors and stuff would take place. Spanning almost the whole length of the front façade and jutting 3 meters above the sidewalk we designed a thin canopy, to invite the passers-by and provide shade from the Bali sun.

Following the client`s preference, hairline stainless steel was the main material chosen for the project. The mezzanine and bar were conceived as precise silver boxes overlapping on different levels and creating spaces for different activities. The stainless-steel canopy floated weightlessly above the entrance, reflecting and mixing light from the interior and the surrounding environment. The rest of the space was treated simply, frameless glass, textured white walls and warm terrazzo floor complementing the metal.

Sound was important for this project. The clients loved sharing their favorite hip hop tracks with the visitors, so we had to account for the musical background while creating comfortable acoustic environment for people chatting. The ceiling was quite high, and we were concerned that unwanted echo might occur. Auditory discomfort seriously impacts the experience of space and enjoyment of food. We collaborated with a Balinese team of weavers to help us create textile ceiling panels which would absorb some of the sound and control the sound quality of the space. Apart from acoustics, we were trying to improve spatial comfort as well. The strangely-proportioned high space was not very cozy. It felt out of scale compared to a human. So, via the hanging acoustic panels we were able to create a sense of human scale, while still feeling the actual height.

The stainless-steel volumes acted like frame white gaps in the space intended for art chosen by the client – another layer expressing the client`s strong personality. The values and preferences of the client are one important aspect of the context shaping architecture. Learning about this was a valuable experience.